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Find a qualified Clinician for all your vaulting needs.

Coaching and training:

  • Both coaches and trainers help either an individual or a team to develop skills, strategies and tactics, determine goals, assess ability and performance, measure the gap between the present state and the required or desired performance levels, and develop plans on how to bridge that gap.
  • Coaches and trainers focus on the whole, including attitude, mental fitness, lifestyle, and diet.
  • Coaches and Trainers concentrate on developing isolated skills and tactics.
  • These all have to be integrated into competencies which allow the learner to make use of the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make satisfactory, effective decisions in a specific setting or situation.
  • Competencies are not learned, but are acquired through sufficient practice in a variety of situations, Competencies, along with their constituent knowledge, skills, and attitudes are best acquired in rich learning environments such as clinics.
  • Mentoring, for helping learners develop such things as savvy, understanding how things affects choice, and insight into how to advance oneself.
  • Confronting or Challenging, so that clear performance standards are established, actual performance is compared against those standards, and performance that does not meet those standards.
  • Coaches and trainers carry out a number of activities in their work. Among those activities are in the first instance designing, delivering, observing, collecting information, diagnosing, giving feedback, advising, guiding or restraining (with respect to learning strategies and problems). Further activities include providing safety, creating or demanding commitment, building mutual trust, asking questions and stimulating reflection.